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Deck Refinishing: Restoring Beauty and Durability

Updated: Apr 26

The deck - the ultimate chill spot, the prime location for outdoor gatherings, and sometimes, the chosen residence of that stubborn rust-colored stain from last summer's barbecue mishap. Yes, it's the heart and soul of your outdoor space, but it takes a beating from the elements. Fear not, for we've got the lowdown on how to revive your trusty deck in style.

The Deck Revival Plan

Step 1: The Sherlock Inspection

Before you embark on this DIY journey, play detective. It's time to relocate the furniture, the garden, and anything else occupying your deck. Once cleared, examine your deck for rebellious boards, nails out of line, or any structural misadventures. Safety first, my friends.

Step 2: The Sanding Spa (Or Not)

Depending on the condition and age of your deck, sanding might not be needed. Instead, you can opt for a more gentle approach. Scrub the boards with a designated wood brightener. This not only cleans but can also bring back some of its youthful charm.

However, if your deck has faced its share of battles and weathered the years, light sanding of the decking boards using an orbital sander can be your secret weapon. It's like a spa treatment that exposes the inner, healthy layer of the wood, revealing its hidden beauty.

Don't forget to clean up the deck before the next stage...

Step 3: A Little Bit Of Color

It's time to bring out the deck's inner beauty. Choose a top-notch deck stain or oil to enhance its look. Apply the chosen formula evenly with a brush, roller, or sprayer, and follow the manufacturer's instructions. Your deck will feel like royalty.

For hardwoods, such as Ipe or Mangaris/Kayu Batu, we turn to Penofin oil or Ipe oil.

Redwood Deck With Gray Semi-Solid Stain
Redwood Deck With Gray Semi-Solid Stain

For softwoods like Redwood or Cedar, we typically use Waterproofing Stain and Sealer by Behr or Cabot, providing the best defense against the elements.

When it comes to softwood decking, you have the choice of solid stain, semi-solid stain, semi-transparent stain, or transparent stain. Each option comes with its own charm.

  • Semi-Solid and Semi-Transparent Stain: These options can give your deck a fresh burst of color while still allowing the natural wood grain to peek through. It's like adding a touch of personality without hiding the deck's character entirely.

  • Solid Stain: If your deck's seen better days or has some imperfections, a solid stain might be your superhero. It acts like paint, providing a uniform finish and covering up those blemishes. It's like a makeover for your deck, making it look brand new.

  • Transparent Stain: For a subtle touch of color, transparent stain is your go-to. It adds a hint of hue while preserving the wood's natural beauty.

The choice is yours, and it all depends on the look you want and the condition of your deck. So, whether you're going for a vibrant transformation or a subtle enhancement, softwood decks offer a world of possibilities.

Redwood Deck, stained with Sherwin Williams Superdeck Waterborne Semi-Transparent Deck Stain with Spice Chest Tint (SW 3513)
Redwood Deck, stained with Sherwin Williams Superdeck Waterborne Semi-Transparent Deck Stain with Spice Chest Tint (SW 3513)

Step 4: Let It Rest

Give your deck the rest it deserves. Allow the stain or oil to dry for at least 24 hours before welcoming back your furniture or hosting your next outdoor gathering.

The Grand Finale: Deck On!

In conclusion, deck refinishing is like giving your deck a day at the spa. It might take some time and effort, but the results are well worth it. Proper maintenance of your deck will make it last longer, and keep it inviting and fresh-looking.

Oh, and a little secret - this task isn't for everybody. Many homeowners prefer to leave it to the professionals, and that's perfectly fine. At Danny Deck we offer deck refinishing services too, so you can sit back and relax while we do the heavy lifting. It's your outdoor realm, and the choice between DIY and professional refinishing depends on your style, budget, and dreams for your deck.

Ipe Deck After Oiling With Ipe Oil
Ipe Deck After Oiling With Ipe Oil


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